Our Services

We only add an item to our service list when we are confident that this service can be run at the highest possible level and that customers who choose to have it from us will be completely satisfied with it.

Buildings – Mechanical Engineering Design

Space Heating and Cooling

Humidifying and Dehumidifying

Air Space Cleaning and Ventilation

Kitchen Ventilation


Building Services – Electrical Engineering Design

High and Medium Voltage Substations

Emergency Stand by Power Systems

Emergency Power and Lighting Systems

Lighting Studies and Daylight Modeling

Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems and Controls

Lightning Protection Systems

Telecommunication Systems

Security Systems

Audio Systems

Building Management Systems

Buildings – Plumbing Engineering Design

Compressed Air Systems

Water Systems

Water Heating Systems

Fuel Gas Piping Systems

Grey Water Systems

Laboratory and Medical Gas Systems

Vacuum Systems

Sanitary, storm and process drainage systems

Special Waste Systems

Water Conservation and Reuse

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Swimming Pools ME Installations

Buildings – Fire Protection

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Sprinklers and Stand By Systems


Feasibility Studies

Energy Auditing and Inspections

Building Energy Analyses

Building Energy Modeling and Simulation

Solar Thermal Systems Design

Photovoltaic Systems Design

Geothermal Systems

Combined Heat and Power Generation Plants’ Design

Landscaping and Urban Infrastructure

ME Infrastructure in Urban Planning Projects

ME Installations in Landscaping Projects

Road Lighting

ME Road Tunnel Infrastructure

Industrial Process Infrastructure Design

ME Infrastructure in Industrial plants

Construction Administration

Cost Estimates

Budget Procedure

Value Engineering

On Site Inspections and Supervision

Claims Avoidance

Our specialties

Hotel Building Services

Renewables: Solar thermal / Photovoltaic / Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Water Conservation and Reuse

Energy Modeling and Analyses

ME Infrastructure in Landscaping Projects